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MBR Atıksu Arıtma Sistemleri Ltd.

Address: Emaar Heights E Block No:305,
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If you are an environmental, chemical or mechanical engineer willing to work as a team member at advanced environmental projects, please contact us.

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With this understanding and with the experience of numerous designs from most advanced to conventional systems since 2003, we serve our customers not only at new plant investments but in all phases from planning the investment to final operation.>


  • Planing Phase>

    • At new investments, conceptual engineering, optimum planning to avoid resource wasting,>
    • For exusting projects, problem and design preparation,>

    • Specifying financial options, project preparation and financial reporting,>

    • Reporting and studies to apply and provide grant/loan from EU, EBRD and similar international organisations and TR Ministry of Environment,>

    • Meeting with outhorities and preparing reports.>

  • Pre Operation>

    • Ecaluating the offers for the project,>

    • Control of supplied process equipment,>

    • Construction, installation control or superwision,>

    • If required supply process equipment,>

    • Control of the selected equipment for power comsumption and environmental legislation.>

  • Commissioning>

    • Commissioning of the project or supervision and control of commissioning,>

    • Evaluating the results for meeting the environmental legislations, parameters,>

    • If external financement is used, auditing the usage, writing the reports and/or supervising and editing the reports>

  • Operation>

    • Managing the operation, >

    • Control and supervision of the operation,>

    • R&D and retrofit works,>

    • Renewal of the existing equipment,>

    • Optimisation of the project input.>

  • Water / Wastewater Management Strategy Consultancy>

    • With the decrease of collected water in water basnis through global heating, and also with population increases supply of water, especially clean water, is a serious issue. It is substantially important to preserve our water basins, preventing the popullution through untreated wastewater and re-use the wastewater as much as possible to avoid desertification.>

    • Consequently planning water / wastewater management strategies of our corporations,>

    • Studies to increase efficiency and quaility in water usage, >

    • Project works at wastewater management leading the sector, >

    • Waste and wastewater characterisation studies for re-use studies,>

    • Preparation of long term waste management plans.>



Since 2003, MBR, has been undertaking the design, engineering, installation and commissioning supervision of domestic and industrial water treatment projects of any scale. All our projects which some are given below, are working as designed.



Even the most advanced technologies, if not served with suitable engineering can easily turn into idle investments.
Since 2003 in and abroad Turkey the trust through completed plants with 100% performance, we are challenging and fighting against wasting resources.

* MBR Wastewater Treatment Services provides quick and reliable compact package solutions for smaller volumes. Please click for MBR Wastewater Container Plant brochure.


MBR Wastewater Treatment Systems, as a SAS Group company, is founded in 2003, to represent new technologies and enable their implementation in the enviromental sector. Knowing that advanced technologic solutions must be supported with appropriate engineering, MBR’s structuring is designed to avoid wasting resources from planning to operation. Primary objective is to provide conceptual engineering inseparably from the suggested technology where other suppliers do not and support during operation with the same understanding. Our aim is to avoid technological wastage that we see in many sectors in our country at the environmental sector.

MBR Wastewater Systems is cooperating with many leading enviromental companies as solution provider, associate or representor.
For further information on advanced treatment technologies we apply for biological or chemical wastes, sludge dehydrating, odour control and potable water systems, please  enter.
MBR, is exclusively cooperating with MBR Process Design Ltd. UK since many years, at successful engineering services. MBR Process Design team consist of seasoned managers from South West and Wessex Water (largest UK utilities). MBR’s engineering services are directly done or supervised by this team. Our company with the technical support of MBR Process Design has led the presentation of advanced technologies. The presentation of all the technological solutons are extensively made to the public and municipal authorities with seminars, on site visits in and abroad Turkey. MBR has been sharing all her technological expertise and knowhow with Public authorities free of any charge. 
MBR Wastewater Treatment Systems with all the companies represented have provided to most of the advanced technological treatment projects, engineering, supply and supervision services. We are strengthening our cooperations to minimize the resource wastage at the new investments meeting the EU accession regulations.
MBR is increasingly providing consultancy services to public and municipal authorities and overseas contractors in addition to engineering, supply and supervion services. The consultancy content is selection of the appropriate solution and equipment, preparation of tender documents and supervision.
MBR Wastewater Treatment Systems, being a SAS Group company, knowing that suitable financial conditions are primarily important for decision making, recommends optimum financial models to the companies in cooperation.
Şanda Kıray
Managing Partner
  • Technologies for Waste Water Treatment
      • Biologically degradable wastes - full process design@ specification of equipment.
        • Balance tanks
        • Inlet works & screening
        • Pre-treatment-chemical, biological P removal, EC (rarely)
        • Load reduction - Anaerobic, DAF Chemical. Lamella
        • Primary settlement - rarely required
        • Biological reduction - disc, plastic media, RBC, aeration, extenden aeration, MBBR
        • Liquid/solid separation - sedementation, clarifiers, membranes
        • Tertiary - sand filters, ultra filtration
        • Toxin removal (hormones, pesticides etc) - Activated carbon
        • Disinfection - UV, Ozone, hypochlorite
      • Non-biologically degradable wastes - full process design & specification of equipment.
        • Chemical treatment depending on waste stream
      • Sludge treatment - full process design & specification of equipment.
        • Aeraton processes to Class A
        • Centrifuge
        • Press
        • Driers - fluid bed, vacuum filter press, rotary drum, scraped surface heat exchangers, heated screw
        • Gassifiers
  • Technologies for Odour Management
      • Biological
      • Enzyme & Bacteria
      • Chemical
      • Catalytic
  • Technologies for "Clean" Water Treatment
      • Full design service for drinking water plants supplied from all raw water sources
      • RO & pre RO system - drinking water desalination or specialist applications


  • Şanda Kıray (Commercial Director)
    • Şanda Kıray, who has long years' management experience in the banking, production, construction and service sectors, founded SAS Group in 1999. Experience she acquired especially in the project finance, business development and joint ventures when measured against the needs of local and foreign companies was the rationale for the foundation of the SAS Group comprising two operational companies being, SAS Financial Advisory Services and MBR Wastewater Treatment Services. Sanda has managed direct investments, startups with equity participations and exits in a variety of sectors including facility management and the health center industries.
      Şanda started her career in 1979 at Turkish Eximbank and her last corporate post was as CEO at Çelebi Holding between 1999-2000. Previously, she worked in management positions at Modern Ofis Makinaları A.Ş. founded by DMO- DESİYAB-Olivetti and further as Assistant General Coordinator at ATA Construction. She is a graduate of Hacettepe University Faculty of Economics and TED Ankara College.
  • Enver Emir Bahadırlı (Financial Director)
    • Emir Bahadirli joined SAS Group in 2011. Previously he had worked over three years at Garanti Asset Management, owned by Garanti Bank, managing TL 6 billion as an Investment Analyst at the Strategy and Research Department. He has a SPK (Capital Markets Board) Advenced Level Licence and a SPK Derivative Products Licence. During his undergraduate studies, Emir worked as an intern at the international credit rating corporation Fitch as well as with international audit, tax and financial services corporation Deloitte Touche in the Tax and Mergers department. Emir had a scholarship at Istanbul Bilgi University for Quantitative Financial Economy Masters Degree and a scholarship at Sabancı University Economics BA. He worked as a teaching assistant for Accounting classes in his last two senior years. He also serves at Young Tourism Leaders Association as Vice President responsible for Financial Businesses.
  • Ian Hume (Engineering Director)
    • Ian has worked at UK's largest water and wastewater utilities as senior manager over 20 years and since 2004 is the managing partner of UK MBR Process Design Ltd and is the technical director and UK director of MBR Wastewater Treatment system Ltd. He manages and supervises the process design, and technical support services of MBR with his team in UK and Turkey.
    • Ian was the managing partner of UK Aquas Vie during 2001-2004 after the managerial buy out of Aquator from Wessex Water as one of the five directors. Between 1999-2001, he was the assistant general manager of Azurix Services Ltd, owned by Wessex Water, one of the largest utilities in UK with 100 million pound capital and 230 engineers. Ian was especially responsible to promote advanced membrane technologies. 1997-1999, he was Strategy and Business Development manager of AMEC Mechanical & Electrical Services and general manager of AMEC Rail Ltd. 1991-1997, Ian worked as Technical and Infrastructure manager at South West Water Services Ltd., another large utility of UK. He also worked at  McCormick Inc. 1987-1991 and started his career at British Aircraft Corp. in 1968.
  • Prof.Dr. Güçlü İnsel (Technical Advisor)

    • Dr. Insel is presently working as Professor (2017) at the Environmental Engineering Department, Istanbul Technical University. He has been working since 20 years in Istanbul Technical University, and has worked 3 years in Gent University, Belgium.

      Dr. Insel has 22 years of experience in the projects including engineering of infrastructure, wastewater treatment plants, optimization of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment projects. He was actively involved in research and development projects in the most prestigious and important applied research. He has almost more than 3 years of international experience at Gent University, Applied Mathematics Biometrics and Process Control Department.
      He worked both in private sector and universities (ITU, GYTE and Gent). He was actively involved in the projects of Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Water and Sewerage Administrations of Municipalities, State Hydraulic Authority of Turkey (DSI) and EUREKA, LIFE. His experience is mostly related to the industrial pollution control, process design and control of large scale wastewater treatment plants. He is providing consultancy services for engineering companies, municipalities, industries etc.
      Professional use of wastewater treatment plant simulators and design software
      WEST (Worldwide Engine for Simulation Training and Automation)
      Microsoft Applications
  • Mustafa Oğuz Akfırat (Technical Advisor)
    • Oğuz Akfırat is a graduate from ODTU Mechanical Engineering in 1985.
    • 37 years of experience in design and construction supervision, and construction of water and wastewater pumping stations and treatment plants as well as experience in feasibilities and or CBA of water and wastewater infrastructures which include pumping stations with the use of computer software for hydraulic calculations and CAD
    • Experience in procurement processes, including IBRD and EU guidelines, PRAG Tendering procedures  for various WTP and WWTP projects.
    • Worked as supervision engineer for Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant mechanical equipment installation and design supervision engineer for Wastewater Treatment Works and Dam Water Intake Structure and Pumping Station and rising main steel pipes factory tests.
    • Experience as senior designer and coordinator for several Wastewater Treatment Plant projects.
    • Involved in various IBRD and EU financed projects with wide experience in managing works under international tender documents such as FIDIC.
    • Member of Board and Deputy General Manager in İMECE A.Ş:
  • İlyas Doğan (Marketing Administration)
  • Muzaffer Değgez (Civil Engineer)

  • Adnan Aktulga (Mechanical Engineer)